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I’m Carl Azuz at the CNN Center.

In the United States, the country with the most violent weather in the world there’ve been more than 500 reports of tornadoes in the last 30 days.

That’s only happened four times before.

The National Weather Service received more than 50 tornado reports on Monday and Tuesday alone.

While several states west of the Rocky Mountains recently saw colder than average conditions, much of America east of the Rockies has seen severe storms, flooding and a scorching heat wave.

록키 산맥 서부의 여러 주에서 최근 평균 기온이 추운 반면

There’s been a lot of damage in the Midwest.

Parts of Ohio are cleaning up after damaging storms and tornadoes swept through early this week.

오하이오 주 일부는
휩쓸고 지나간

tornadoes를 설명

Homes have been destroyed. Schools have been damaged.

More than 70,000 people in Ohio had no electricity as of yesterday morning and more heavy storms with the possibility of tornadoes and large hail were in the forecast.

토네이도와 큰 우박의 가능성을 가진 더 큰 폭풍우가 예측에 있었다

Soaking rain was expected in Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

South of those states, parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma have been struggling for days with flooding.

그 주 남부의 알칸소와 오클라호마 일부는 홍수로 며칠간 고생하고 있다

The city government of North Little Rock, Arkansas says the rising Arkansas River is one problem.

The fact that the city's storm water drains to that river and could become blocked from doing that is another.

그 도시의 폭풍우가 그 강으로 흘러들어와 그 일을 못하게 될 수도 있다는 사실은 또 다른 사실이다

One state west, severe weather in Oklahoma has been blamed for the deaths of nine people since late April and the governor says things could still get worse there.

For the time being, the threat of dangerous storms isn't expected to let up in many parts of America but there are some things you can do to protect yourself if your area is under the threat of a tornado.

당분간, 미국의 대부분에서 위험한 폭풍의 위협은 그치리라 예상되지 않는다