[english-study] CNN10 - 3회차

3:56 ~ 6:30

Since the U.S. Civil War / when American’s used flowers to decorate the graves of their loved ones who died in battle, the country has paused to remember its fallen troops.

when 절이 남북전쟁을 설명해줌
국가는 전사자들을 기리는 것을 멈췄다

The event that began as Decoration Day came to be known as Memorial Day.

데코레이션 데이로 시작했던 이벤트는 현충일로 알려지게 되었다

It's not observed on the last Monday in May which fell on the 27th this year.

이번년도는 27일로 닥쳐온 5월의 마지막 주 월요일에는 관찰되지 않았다

Memorial Day는 매년 5월 첫째주 월요일에 열린다

Memorial Day is held / in honor of everyone who’s died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

현충일은 경의를 표하며 개최된다
serve in the armed forces : 군에 복무하다

Flags are flown.

Troops are saluted.

병사들은 경레를 한다

Events, parades and ceremonies are held all across the country.

Last Thursday before he left for a planned state visit to Japan, U.S. President Donald Trump joined First Lady Melania Trump in planting flags at Arlington National Cemetery.

계획된 일본 국빈방문
국립 묘지

And on Monday, U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence was there participating in the wreath laying ceremony, visiting the tomb of the “Unknown Soldier” and delivering a speech in which he said that Memorial Day is the day that makes all other American days possible.


in which 의 경우 in 을 문장의 뒤로 보내면서 해석해본다

10 Second Trivia. The world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest is named for whom?

누구에 의해 이름이 지어졌나?

A British surveyor, a New Zealand mountaineer, an American explorer or an Australian geographer.

Sir George Everest or Everest was a British surveyor who helped map India but Mt. Everest is named for him.

It was New Zealand Sir Edmund Hillary and Nepal’s Tenzing Norgay who became the first climbers recognized for reaching Everest's summit.

에베레스트 정상에 오른것으로 알려진

Since they did that in 1953, several thousand other climbers have reached the mountain top.

Several hundred people have died on the mountain.

That included 11 mountaineers who died in this year’s climbing season making it one of the deadliest seasons on Everest.

May is considered the best time to climb the mountain because the weather’s usually a little better and the winds aren’t as extreme as in other months.

But a mountain guide told CNN that this year’s weather hasn’t been great and that it's left a limited window of days that are good for climbing.

등반하기 좋은 날들이 제한되어 있다

Combine that with overcrowding on the mountain, a number of inexperienced climbers, and some expedition companies that may not be prioritizing safety and you have the reasons why climbers say it’s been particularly dangerous in 2019.

산 위의 인구과밀, 경험없는 많은 등산가들, 그리고 안전을 우선시하지 않는 몇 탐험 회사들과 결합한다면

The Nepalese government issued a record number of permits this year to Everest climbers.

기록적인 수의

Nepal is a poor country that benefits from tourism but its government blames the companies offering guided treks to the summit for the deaths.

네팔은 관광으로 이득을 보는 가난한 나라다

Whoever's responsible, the pictures of crowds in places where the human body simply can't survive for long / clearly show part of the problem.

누가 책임이 있든
사람의 몸이 단순히 오래 버틸 수 없는 곳에서의 군중 사진