[english-study] CNN10 - 4회차

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The votes are in and it appears Fridays have been elected to the position of awesome.

투표가 실시되고 있다
금요일이 멋진 자리에 당선된 것 같다

I’m Carl Azuz delivering your Friday edition of CNN 10.

News from an actual election headlines today’s show.

널리 알린다, 주요 뉴스로 나온다?

We have early results from the recent vote in the South Asian country of India.

남아시아의 나라 인도에서

It looks like the nation’s incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won a landslide victory.

무디는 압도적인 승리를 거두었다

The country of 1.3 billion people started voting in seven stages in early April and the election wrapped up on May 19th.

선거는 5월 19일에 끝났다

For Prime Minister Modi to stay in his job, his political party and its allies needed to win at least 272 seats in India's lower house of parliament.

그의 정당과 그 동맹국들은 인도의 국회 하원에서 적어도 272석을 얻어야 했다

Early results indicated the alliance had won 350.

The leader of India’s main opposition party has conceded defeat and Modi can expect another five years term as India’s leader.

야당은 패배를 인정했다

Over the next few days, meetings will be held to further organize the government.

앞으로 며칠 동안,
정부를 더 조직하기 위한 회의가 열릴 것이다

Modi will officially nominate along with other government leaders and he's likely to take the oath of office before the month is over.

취임 선서를 할 것 같다

What challenges lie ahead?

India’s unemployment rate is more than 6 percent, that’s the highest it’s been in decades.

There’s also been a crisis in the country’s farm industry.

Farmers have been protesting for months in hopes of getting better prices for their crops and help from the government in an ongoing drought.

That’s effected more than 40 percent of the country.

Still, India’s economy has continued growing and in his victory speech, Prime Minister Modi dedicated the win to the people of India.

10 Second Trivia. What do Monaco, Japan, Singapore and Macau have in common?

Do they all have monarchies, ports in Asia, official religions, or long life expectancies.

According to the CIA World Fact Book, these are the top four places with the longest life expectancies.

The life expectancy range for those locations is between 84 and 89 years and in terms of living the longest, the U.S. isn’t in the top 10.

장수한다는 점에서

It’s at number 45 on the CIA’s list.

So what are the secrets to living longer?

We’ve aired several reports from CNN’s Doctor Sanjay Gupta on healthy habits for people who aspire to live long lives.

They’ve included exercising, putting down our digital devices, having an active social life.

What’s interesting is how a number of tips from the medical community overlap with the observations of a National Geographic employee who saw people living them out.

의료계의 많은 조언들이 그들이 사는걸 지켜본 네셔널 지오그래픽 직원의 관찰과 어떻게 겹치는가이다