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Get your passports ready because we’re globetrotting today on CNN 10.

I’m your tour guide, Carl Azuz. Happy to be travelling with you.

We’re going to start across the pond, meaning across the Atlantic.

It's been almost two years and two months since the United Kingdom officially started the process of breaking off from the European Union.

거의 2년 2개월이 지났다

It was supposed to be done within two years, but there have been hang-ups and extensions along the way.

도중에 끊김과 연장이 있었다

And it’s still not clear what’s going to happen regarding the Brexit, the British exit from the E.U.

Here’s why it’s complicated.

No member of the European Union has left the group since it was established in 1993.

But in June of 2016, Britons voted 51.9 percent to 48.1 percent to leave the union.

영국인들은 51.9%대 48.1%로 조합을 탈퇴하겠다고 투표했다

Their disagreements with the E.U. over economics, immigration and laws were some reasons why.

경제와 이민과 법에 대한 EU와의 의견 불일치는

Before Britain can officially leave, though, both its government and the European Union want to agree on the terms, the new rules concerning trade, immigration and borders between Britain and the E.U.

그러나 영국이 공식적으로 탈퇴하기 전에

Separating without an agreement would create a lot of uncertainty across Europe and possibly impact international economies, at least for a while.

A deal has been reached between British Prime Minister Theresa May and the leaders of the European Union.

거래가 성사되었다

But it has not gotten the approval of Britain’s parliament.

승인을 받지 못했다

Lawmakers have held three votes on it so far, and the deal has failed to pass.

국회의원들은 지금까지 3번의 투표를 열었으나, 이것은 통과되지 못했다

Some lawmakers want significant changes to the agreement before they support it.

Others want Britain to hold a new vote on Brexit altogether.

브렉시트에 대해 완전히 새로운 투표를 하기를 원한다

Prime Minister May plans to seek a fourth parliamentary vote on the latest version of the deal in early June, but no one knows yet if it will pass.

On the E.U. side, European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker says he’s a little fed up because there have been multiple extensions to the Brexit and people are losing patients.

So far, though, there hasn't been any solution that enough officials agree on for Britain to leave the union.

공무원들이 동의하는 어떠한 해결책도 없었다